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sneezy. dopey. slurpy?

has anyone else’s allergies been killing them this year? wheezing, sneezing, slurping messiness. attractive, yes, i know 😉 i mean, i have literally felt like i’m trying to breathe through Jell-O or pudding (or some other similarly sticky, thick gooiness…) the neti pot has become my new best friend. i never thought i’d say this…but thank god … Continue reading

murphy’s law…

murphy’s law…

this weekend, i mapped out an ambitious 9.5 mile run with tons of hills for myself. baltimore is chock full of hills, and i need to get those bad boys in so i’m ready to tackle those little guys (aka the Poconos) come October. i’ve been feeling pretty good about my preparations for Ragnar so … Continue reading


so, yeah. apparently sometimes i think i’m still 21 years old. friday night being a perfect example of that. despite the fact that i knew i had to get up early the next morning for my long run, i decided to head to happy hour and enjoy a few beverages with some of my friends. … Continue reading