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a little perspective.

for those times when i stress over issues with men, work, money, life in general…running almost always help to put things in perspective…and i’m quickly reminded of how good i actually have it. that’s why i loved this quote from Kara Goucher → i’m just over a month away from running the Ragnar Relay with the … Continue reading

18 miles…

18 miles…28.97 km…95,040 feet… that’s 3.3 times the height of Mt. Everest. 2.7 times the greatest ocean depth. it’s also the total distance i’ll be running (broken out over 3 legs) in the Ragnar Relay on October 5 and 6th. i’ve done the marathon thing, so i’ve run further than 18 miles before, but it’s … Continue reading

the penn state I know

heartbroken. disgusted. shell shocked. i don’t have other words to describe it. heartbroken for the victims and their families for oh so many reasons above and beyond the unspeakable acts they suffered through that (publicly) came to light last November. disgusted at the actions and inactions of people who were in a position to do … Continue reading