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so it seems that i’ve been hearing a lot about juices and detoxes and cleanses and the evils of gluten and other what-nots lately… perhaps it’s the ‘crowd’ i hang with, perhaps it’s not, perhaps it’s the fact that bikini season is just around the corner that i’m just now noticing it more 😉 whatever … Continue reading


so, yeah. apparently sometimes i think i’m still 21 years old. friday night being a perfect example of that. despite the fact that i knew i had to get up early the next morning for my long run, i decided to head to happy hour and enjoy a few beverages with some of my friends. … Continue reading

what’s the skinny?

so. i just got back from a week’s vacation in the Dominican to celebrate with my good friends at their wedding. a week of laying on the beach. a week of relaxing. a week of eating a little outside my norm. a week of drinking….drinking a lot outside my norm. (no need to call Betty Ford … Continue reading

10 minutes…

as i was cleaning my house over the weekend, I started sifting through some of the old workout DVDs in my collection. (clearly i’ve amassed quite a selection…) my previous job had required a great deal more travel than the position i’m currently in, and at the time, i found it hard to squeeze in a … Continue reading