this is me…

30 something (ahem. yeah. emphasis on the something)


daughter, sister, friend, and “mom” to an awesome bichon frise…my Mojo.

Penn State grad (LOVE my Lions!) and Hopkins grad as well.

Baltimore/Charm City transplant by way of Philadelphia.

marketing professional by day, runner, yogi, foodie, and wine lover the rest of the time.

i love to run, it gives me peace, it clears my head, it keeps me in shape. i don’t want to mislead anyone here.  i’m not fast- i’m middle of the pack. i typically run a half marathon in a little under 2 hours- sometimes it has taken me longer- so clearly i’m not Kenyan. in fact, my junior high soccer coach used to call me “Slo-Mo” as he said it appeared that i was running in slow motion. (side note: still scarred from that- i know now that it was just friendly teasing, but adults need to be careful about saying things around impressionable younguns- it sticks around…)

however, i guess i have him to thank in a way because i like to prove to people who doubt me that they’re wrong. you tell me i can’t do it? i say watch me…

anyway, i’ve been running for years now, and while i’m by no means an expert, i have picked up some knowledge (and bumps and bruises) along the way. happy to continue sharing the ups and downs with fellow recreational runners and fitness folk…or at least for as long as my knees and hips will let me.

so that’s it. that’s me. living the dream. ok, maybe not the dream, but a pretty darn good life all things considered 🙂

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