ScarFace Undone

wow! you guys need to read this woman’s story. it’s no secret i hate cancer. well, hello, that’s a dumb statement on my part…no one likes cancer, of course, but i REALLY hate it. skin cancer. ugh. as a runner, outdoor enthusiast, and sun lover myself…it’s more important than ever for me to protect my skin…ESPECIALLY as i’m getting older.

i stay so active so that i can feel young and live longer. i need to make sure i’m taking care of my skin in the same way i care for my body…i don’t want to just feel young, i want to look young too!  recently i decided to really take charge of my life in this area. as regimented as i’ve been with my fitness, it was pretty easy for me to incorporate this same philosophy in my skincare. i can’t expect things to change if i don’t put the work in! so i started using a skincare line called Rodan + Fields. i could not be happier with the results i have personally seen…sun spots from years of damage and old acne scars have either faded significantly or even disappeared entirely! these uniquely effective skincare products are designed by two of the most respected dermatologists in the country with a legacy of delivering on what they promise.

i firmly believe that these products she used to help heal her skin following the removal of her cancer are not just changing skin…they are changing lives.

ScarFace Undone.


learn more about the products here 🙂


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