appity app app

so in typical charm city gal on the run fashion, i have avoided running outside in the cold for the past few months and kept my runs to short spurts on a treadmill in my cute little gym overlooking the harbor.

also in typical me fashion, i decided to come out of my temporary winter break-up with running by impulsively signing up for three races in a 10 minute period of time.

go me.

now i have to get my arse in gear.

AFTER my vacation in Oregon wine country. which starts in approximately 25 hours and 16 minutes.

give or take a few seconds.

not that i’m counting.

or maybe WHILE i’m in wine country. i’m often inspired by new locales when i’m traveling so perhaps this is just the kickstart i need to my training. you never know. i’ll have my trusty kicks and gear with me just in case the mood strikes 🙂

of course…stranger in a strange land, i’m going to need to also make sure i don’t get lost along the way.

check out these cool new apps profiled by Women’s Running…Glympse and RunSafe 

pretty neat options if you’re running solo or at off-hours like many runners tend to do!


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