i do a lot of laundry.

for a single gal who lives by herself, the amount of laundry i do is excessive.

i mean, every day. at least a load. sometimes it makes me wish i was a nudist. i mean, i can greatly appreciate the value of NOT having to do laundry….every. single. day. 😉

but when you workout like we do, you can’t let your clothes sit there or they’ll get stinky and you’ll never get that stench out. i spend far too much money on this stuff to have that happen.

enter Hex Performance.








i’ve used other detergents and washes designed for high performance gear, but this stuff is fantastic. it’s actually salvaged some items i had ready for the circular file. i even tossed my yoga mat in the wash with this and it’s like brand new again.

a little pricier than some of the standard detergents, but worth it to keep your gear in top notch shape. and i’m a fan of the ecofriendly packaging as well. i got mine at Wegmans, but they sell it at Target and various other retailers as well.

happy laundry days are here again 🙂

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