gone with the wind

so the other night i got home from work and decided to walk to the gym. this is not anything new. i typically walk there because it’s like 6 blocks from my house. what was different about this night was that the weather was ridiculously cold and the wind was out of control blustery to the point where i literally got pushed sideways from it several times along the way. i’m not a big person, yes, but i’m certainly not a waif either so this was both entertaining and kind of crazy at the same time. as i was crossing the street, i saw a girl running on the sidewalk.

again. nothing new or unusual about this in the neighborhood that i live in. tons of runners.

but what made her stand out to me was the fact that she only had on a long sleeve tee and running shorts. (the air temp was 15 degrees and with the wind it was likely below zero)

all i could think was how silly she was. i know once you get going that you ‘feel warmer’ and that it’s ‘not that bad’. but great googly moogly. that’s just stupid. (can you tell i’m not a fan of running in the cold??).

as i removed my layers of clothing that i wore to walk to the gym, and defrosted on the treadmill, i was super happy to not be outside in that mess. yeah. running in the cold is definitely not my thing. the hot room has forever changed me on that.


in the times i have done it and the occasional time i choose to do it now, i always try to be smart about my choices in running gear. i came across this graphic that helps simplify everything. great article to go along with it too.

no need to be silly folks 😉




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