to be….

bah. i’ve been horrible about writing lately. i’m a terrible ‘blogger’. if you can even call me that.

but hey. i’m not going to beat myself up about it. i love to write and should do it more. that was going to be a new years resolution this year. “be more creative. write more often.” truth is that’s kind of how i start every new year…with a list of small yet also somehow grandiose expectations for myself that may or may not be achievable, but gosh darnit…i’m going to give it my all. i guess this isn’t a bad thing. i mean who doesn’t want to grow and make themselves a better person, right?

the crux of the matter is this…that this ‘list’ always at some point begins to feel like a ‘to do’ list. pressure. stress. gah!

what about making myself a ‘to be’ list rather than a ‘to do’ list? that seems more impactful…don’t you think? i mean, one might think i might have the to be part of my life figured out by this age, but yeah…still figuring that out. i’m a work in progress over here.

first on the list (maybe not in terms of priorities in life, but certainly for the purposes of this post)…

to be a better (ahem) ‘blogger’ 
i realized that perhaps my focus for this has become too narrow. running. i mean, i initially started this as a supplement to help me with fundraising efforts for an amazing non-profit that i’ve run with that helps children with cancer and their families. and then i continued to write about running. with the occasional alternative post sprinkled in. but my life is about so much more than running. my interests are so much larger than running. yoga. travel. food. wine. family. friends. dogs. i think i can be better about posting more regularly if i look at this as a creative outlet for my life as a whole rather than just one small component of it. so i’m about to remove a major obstacle and cause of much writer’s block here and say that this is much more of a lifestyle blog than it is strictly about running. (my lifestyle just happens to include a lot of running and yoga though- lol 😉 )

so yes. consider this the first in a series of posts of all the things i’d like to be in 2015

happy new year y’all. i have a good feeling about this one! xoxo


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