sneezy. dopey. slurpy?

has anyone else’s allergies been killing them this year?

wheezing, sneezing, slurping messiness.

attractive, yes, i know 😉

i mean, i have literally felt like i’m trying to breathe through Jell-O or pudding (or some other similarly sticky, thick gooiness…)

the neti pot has become my new best friend.

i never thought i’d say this…but thank god for treadmills!! i’m supposed to be training for the Baltimore 10-miler right now and most of my runs have been in the lovely air-conditioned confines of my gym.

i know they’re “just allergies,” but yeah…they can still make you feel tired and stressed. i don’t run well when i’m worn down, and i feel like i’m not doing myself any favors by pushing myself in an outdoor environment that is making me feel like crap. so for me at least, right now, i think the best solution is to keep my runs inside for a little bit yet…. well that and i like to follow some of these little tidbits i’ve picked up along the way:

  1. follow the neck rule:  if my allergies are above the neck (stuffy or runny nose and sneezing) it’s probably OK to run. anything below the neck (chest congestion, upset stomach, or body aches) i give it a rest.
  2. pollen counts tend to be high early in the morning, so i try to be flexible with when i run during the day (or use the treadmill instead!) you can also track local pollen counts on sites like or even
  3. i avoid running outside on windy days…i mean, i kind of do this year round because i’m a bit of a wimp and hate the wind (unless it’s at my back) but yeah, wind helps spread the pollen throughout the air…no bueno.
  4. itchy eyes? try sunglasses, use eye drops, and change or wash your pillowcases regularly to help reduce symptoms

i also thought this infographic had some interesting natural cures…i’m wondering if getting my red grapes in the crushed/fermented/liquid format is just as healthy 😉


Pollen, Pollen Everywhere: Allergens in the U.S.

by NowSourcing.
Explore more visuals like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

One thought on “sneezy. dopey. slurpy?

  1. Been battling allergies for a long time now. I’ve learned my way to avoid it but still no matter how careful you are you still catch some. But you’ve got great tips here I’d hope to follow (like that not running the morning). Thanks for posting this helpful article. I really like this one.

    sports medicine doctor

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