so it seems that i’ve been hearing a lot about juices and detoxes and cleanses and the evils of gluten and other what-nots lately…

perhaps it’s the ‘crowd’ i hang with, perhaps it’s not, perhaps it’s the fact that bikini season is just around the corner that i’m just now noticing it more 😉

whatever the reason, it seems that many of my friends are looking to improve their health through a variety of different channels, myself included.

first  up: diet. my weakness is breads, pastas, and sugars. i love them. oh…and cheese! (oh yeah- and wine too…can’t forget the grape!) in general, i like most food and can be a bit of a foodie or even food snob at times ( i know…gasp…right?!?)

Wine is sunlight

so yeah, in all likelihood, a diet that permanently eliminates some of my favorite things from my life, while certainly feasible, just seems not at all fun or enjoyable. that’s where the detox/cleanse thing intrigues me…generally short term to help kickstart a better overall approach to eating. i’ve been reading up on sugar detoxes and testing out recipes…where i still get to eat healthy food that i love, but i’m cutting out some of the carbs and things that can cause cravings and crazy energy swings and slumps. for 21 days, this seems doable to me.

i mean, it will be hard, but still. no matter what the goal, there’s always something difficult about it, right? losing weight is hard. maintaining weight is hard. being overweight is hard….i guess you just need to choose your hard.

and here’s the main thing…for me at least….i don’t feel like i need to make a sweeping overhaul to my diet or lifestyle per se…but i do feel like some little tweaks are necessary. it’s good to check in with yourself every now and then to assess the situation.

i need to hit ‘ctrl-alt-del’…reboot…reset. whatever you want to call it…i need to figure some things out.

that’s why i think the words ‘cleanse’ and ‘detox’ are resonating with me on more than just the literal dietary level right now.



3 thoughts on “cleanse.

  1. that’s awesome! i wish i had the space in my tiny kitchen to be able to have a juicer…i should look around to see if there are any good compact ones out there that do the job 🙂 any recommendations?

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