i want my bits to be fit.

AAMilne Quote Pic god, if there is ever a winter that i’ve been happy to say goodbye to it is this one.

to say i’ve felt sluggish is an understatement.

to say i wasn’t down and (perhaps…) a little seasonally depressed would be a lie.

to say i’m happy to be able to run outdoors again…well…actually… i’m not really sure there are words to express that… other than that with each step, i feel like i’m coming back to life.

this polar vortex b.s. kept me inside far more than i would care to admit, and i ate, and i drank…and i still worked out, but i didn’t run. for close to three months, i didn’t run a step. i’m far from ‘unfit’, but man, i’m not at the level i’m used to or like to be.

i realized that even though i practice yoga religiously, i am (back to) running, i go to the gym…those are just moments in time each day. i didn’t really have a good idea of my activity level throughout the course of a regular day; i feel like i eat healthy…but had started to allow some things to creep back into my diet that i haven’t had in years… PLUS i’m a chronically bad sleeper. i figured, there had to be something i could do that would help me get a better grasp on things and come out of this winter fog i’ve been in. but i wanted (no…needed!) a little extra motivation to gain control…to get my groove back 😉

i’d heard about various devices that monitor activity and sleep, did a little research on my own, and ended up getting a fitbit. i have a few friends who have the flex (which is the bracelet option) but i went with the “One”. i’m not a huge fan of the appearance of the flex…to me, it’s slightly reminiscent of the rubber promotional bracelets that everyone uses now for their brands and charities (think livestrong). great causes, just not attractive accessories (imo). at least i can hide the ‘One’ in my (minimal) cleavage and go about my day.


i mean, bottom line…who doesn’t want their bits to be fit, right?

anyway, i was eager to see how this worked, so on my first day, i just went about my activities as normal. holy moly was i taken aback when i looked at my ‘activities’ that day. aside from my workout, i had barely taken any steps. i mean, the average goal is set at 10,000 and i think by lunch that day i was only at about 1,500. i mean whoa. no bueno. great visual for me as to how truly sedentary my job is.

the sleep thing was fascinating to me as well. i mean check this out apparently i woke up 25 times that night…still rated at 94% efficiency, so maybe that’s not so bad but gosh, i feel like that’s a lot?!!? shouldn’t you just fall asleep at night and wake up once in the morning? i mean, i guess that would be ideal…

Track My Sleep on Fitbit


i’m only about a week in with my new fitbit friend, and i have to tell you i’m loving it. mostly because it’s just making me more aware of the day to day, and how i can make small tweaks to my daily routine that can ultimately end up having a big impact.

i’m a visual person- so it’s great to be able to just look at my app on my phone and see where i am in relation to my daily goals. some days i meet and surpass them, some days i don’t, but it’s given me a focal point that i can strive toward. and it’s helping me to adjust my routines to make it easier to meet those goals (i.e. parking in the farthest spot from the door at work so i can get extra steps in, taking a long way around the building to the rest room, just getting up and moving from my desk at lunch rather than working through it…) i can also use it to track what i eat (which has been eye opening to say the least…)


truthfully, it might sound a little obsessive to some, but i do feel like this tiny little gadget is helping me to get back to where i want to be. and for that, i am happy 😀




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