hydrate. hydrate. hydrate.

i’m a sweater. (not of the warm, fuzzy, wool variety)

i sweat. a lot. not when i’m sitting still clearly, but if i put in a good workout…a long run, a bikram session…any kind of exercise really…i begin to break a few beads on the forehead…

i have a tshirt i got from a race i did that says “I don’t sweat, I glisten”…but that’s a lie…i sweat.

gross- i know. so sorry to blow anyone’s perception of me as a delicate flower out of the water, but yeah. i work for those droplets so i don’t look at them as unladylike- i’m proud of them!

this is not anything new, but the reason it comes to mind for me is because of something that happened last week. I was traveling for work and decided to take a class at a local yoga studio while i was away.

this particular night, i found myself sitting on the floor of the locker room after class, searching for the energy to shower and dress for the walk back to my hotel.


water wasn’t cutting it. i needed something more.

90 minutes in the hot room of a bikram studio is something i should be used to by now, sure. i’m not sure if it was the change in timezones, the jetlag, dehydration from being on the plane/drastic change in temps, the wine the night before (maybe a combination of all of the above) or just a tough class in general, but i found myself struggling through something that i do every single day. blergh. i guess i have to expect that going outside of my normal routine might make my body rebel every once in a while, but knowing that didn’t make the situation any less frustrating.

when it comes to hydrating (or rehydrating), i’ve struggled at times to find the right mix. particularly when one might say that i also have a…erm…sensitive stomach. i tend to find the gatorades and powerades of the world don’t always agree with me, but have had good luck with coconut water and my personal favorite- Code Blue! with winter right around the corner, i’m reminded that just because it’s not as hot out and i’m not as thirsty doesn’t mean that proper hydration isn’t just as (if not more important) to staying healthy….

what are your favorite sports drinks/electrolyte replacement options?


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