leore 003the 4th of July.

‘Merica’s birthday.

why is it that i only ponder the concept of freedom and independence at this time of year? am i the only one who does this? is that the norm in the US? do we take our independence for granted?

i’m not (that) political.

i don’t follow the news as much as i should.

i can’t recite the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence. (but i don’t know many people who can)

i can really only remember high level details from high school history classes (except for Mr. Longo’s class…i remember a lot from his class…but prohibition era US was way more interesting to me i suppose….that and he was a kicka$$ teacher…). i digress…

so where does that leave me?

i love our country. i love the opportunities, the diversity, the blend of cultures. i love being able to speak my mind (though i probably don’t do it often enough).  i love being able to do what i want (within reason of course). i mean… i might not be a genius when it comes to our history. and i might not think about it everyday…but that doesn’t mean i’m not proud or don’t appreciate everything that being an American affords me.

sure- there are things to be fixed. plenty of things. but who among us couldn’t use a little nip/tuck here or there?

our great country is turning 237 tomorrow. a young’un in the grand scheme of things, but she deserves our respect.

let’s give her that.

happy birthday girl- we love you 🙂


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