running (away) overseas

537452_529479143761625_1439531137_nso in just three short days i’m running away. escaping reality. or my reality (of late) at least.

well…kind of…

i’ll be on a plane.

on my way to munich to see a dear friend.

and three days later i’ll be on a plane to florence and tuscany…to eat amazing food and to drink amazing wine…with said dear friend plus new friends.

am i packed? no.

of course not. that would be sensible and practical…and well…far too organized for my often scattered mind.

but i have started my packing list. and you can bet my trusty Saucony Triumphs are right at the top of it next to my passport.

will i get to use them while i’m there is the question?

i hope so.

i’m envisioning an early morning jaunt under the tuscan sun…or a cool evening jog overlooking the scenic alps…

of course, my imagination has rarely come close to reality (ha!)

so if i can’t run safely during my travels overseas- i might need to be ok with forgoing rolling hills through the vineyards and just enjoy some time off for once. not sure if ‘time off’ from running (and of course my favorite yoga classes too) makes me happy or sad…i’m sure the vino, pasta, and ‘check-offs’ on the bucket list will help get me through though 😉

i’m going to try my hardest to at least get a few runs in while i’m there…so just in case i can pull it off…i did look up some tips for running in a foreign country…and came across a few decent articles 🙂

i’ll see you on the flip side…happy (international) trails 🙂

prost! salute!


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