don’t tread on me?

ugh. it’s december, which means it’s almost officially winter, which means (in this neck of the woods at least) cold weather and potentially less than ideal outdoor running conditions. cold air burning my lungs. icy/slippery/uneven sidewalks.

compounding that? shortened daylight hours + living in the city= unsafe to run in the dark (if i don’t have a running buddy to come along).

so when i can’t get the run in outside…that leaves the treadmill….inside. which i don’t necessarily mind…we just have a bit of a volatile relationship i suppose. boredom can set in very quickly when the scenery around me doesn’t change…


maybe it’s just my typical seasonal affective disorder setting in…but yeah…that’s all i’ve got to say…boo.

so that brings me to today….12/12/12. the world hasn’t imploded, we haven’t fallen off the fiscal cliff (yet), and while i’ve taken a good break from running in favor of circuit workouts, ellipticals, and my beloved bikram, i’m ready to hit the road (or ‘mill as it may be) again.

my sights are now set on the Big D. April 14, 2013- the Dallas Half Marathon.

a. i wonder if i can run in boots

b. bring on the cowboys 🙂

as i get ready to begin training again- i’ve found what appear to be some good treadmill workouts online and am eager to try them out.

7 Treadmill Workouts for All Levels

Peanut Butter Fingers- Treadmill Workouts (ranging from 20 to 50 minutes in length)

12 Week Treadmill Workout (perfect for getting ready for a race during cold weather months)

Spice up your Winter Training

more to follow….but if you have any treadmill workouts/tips/boredom crushing ideas…please share, i’m all ears and could use the inspiration 🙂


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