murphy’s law…

this weekend, i mapped out an ambitious 9.5 mile run with tons of hills for myself. baltimore is chock full of hills, and i need to get those bad boys in so i’m ready to tackle those little guys (aka the Poconos) come October. i’ve been feeling pretty good about my preparations for Ragnar so far, but summer in the northeast guarantees some brutal heat and humidity (regardless of the time of day) and it makes training for an event of this magnitude that much more difficult. despite the icky weather, i found myself finishing this week’s long run without incident…(in stark contrast to last week). of course, just as i enter my house looking forward to a shower and cool air, i realize i have no power. awesome. all of the crazy storms we’ve had this summer and i haven’t lost it one time, but give me a hot, bright, sunny saturday and there it goes…straight out the door.

hello murphy’s law… “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”.

generally, i try to remain positive about things (or at least laugh about them afterwards). so yeah, after a full 24 hours without power, a night on my friend’s sofa, and a few chuckles later, i’m back on track. for a monday morning at least 🙂

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2 thoughts on “murphy’s law…

  1. Love this info graphic. Great blog and post. A ran a 10K yesterday and it was hot and humid. The 1st water stop used plastic cocktail sauce cups, about 2 Oz size! We all stood there and dipped our little cups in the water bucket several times each before moving on. Never done that before!

  2. thanks & congrats on your race!! and wow…cocktail cups for water? i’ve most definitely never encountered that! you have to wonder if that was on purpose or if the wrong size cup came in and the race director/organizer just went with it…

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