so, yeah. apparently sometimes i think i’m still 21 years old. friday night being a perfect example of that. despite the fact that i knew i had to get up early the next morning for my long run, i decided to head to happy hour and enjoy a few beverages with some of my friends. i was thirsty!

thirst trumped sleep.

umm. yeah. bad idea. one bottle of wine and many hours later i’m in a cab heading home laughing about the evening but dreading the early morning wake up call. half way through the night i woke up feeling like my mouth was full of cotton. yep. this run was not going to be a good one for me. i chugged two glasses of water and went back to bed.

sunrise. alarm blaring. i manage to untwist myself from my sheets and drag myself out of bed. i filled up the bottles for my waist belt- one with regular water, one with coconut water. was pretty sure i would need the extra boost along the way. with that, i set out on the route i’d mapped out for myself the night before. luckily, a friend was joining me for the first 4 miles, so i knew i’d be able to push through those- it was the last 4 that were a little more concerning to me. by mile 3 though, at the top of a road my friends and i fondly refer to as the ‘bi-atch hill’, i had to stop.


thirst trumped running.

this was going to be worse than i thought.

i was sweating so much i truly looked like i had been swimming. sexy.

a few slugs from each of my bottles and i pushed on. turned on a great mix i’d downloaded from RockMyRun and actually started to feel a little better. ermmmm. that was short lived.

mile 6: at this point, the sun was hot. the pavement was hotter. the humidity was stifling. i stop again. i’m rationing my water like i’m a player on Survivor or a tribute in the Hunger Games. i *may* have also been talking to myself.

mile 7: water’s gone. i see the marriott hotel looming ahead. score. i stumble into the lobby and ask if they would mind if i refilled my bottles using their fountain. maybe they took pity on me. maybe it was the vacant look in my eyes. maybe it was the fact that they just wanted the crazy, sweaty lady to stop scaring their guests, but the kind concierge pointed me in the right direction…i would have hugged her, but decided she probably would prefer her clothing remain dry…so i thanked her profusely, filled my bottles, and hit the road again.

man. this is rough. a little over a mile left to go. as much time as i spend mapping out routes and planning my training, how could i be so lazy about a hydration plan?!?! i’m not discounting the impact my decision for an extended happy hour the night before has played here in this nightmare of a run either…but still.

mile 8: my running app breaks through the music in my headphones to squawk out my mileage and pace per mile. it’s the best sound i’ve heard all morning. i don’t even care how poor my performance was. i’m done. finito. ready to collapse. i shuffle the last few steps back to my house and remind myself never to do that again. don’t get me wrong, i don’t ever regret time spent with friends doing something fun. you only live once. however, it’s been duly noted that if i want to live to continue to enjoy time with my friends, and if i expect to make it through my training runs without wasting the rest of the day laying on the sofa recovering, perhaps i need to be a little smarter about making sure my body is appropriately prepared.

proper hydration (in the summer months in particular) can be hard to plan for. there’s no one-size-fits-all drinking guidelines since every runner has different needs. as this awesome article from Runner’s World points out, body weight, sweat rate, and effort level, along with the temperature, humidity, and elevation, affect how much you should drink. (i might venture to add alcohol consumption the night before as a factor for consideration as well…)

basically, leaving your hydration plan up to chance isn’t the smartest thing you can do. do as i say, not as i do, right?

knowledge trumps thirst.

here’s a great infographic that highlights the same.

Quench Your Thirst
infographic provided by:


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