what’s the skinny?

so. i just got back from a week’s vacation in the Dominican to celebrate with my good friends at their wedding.

a week of laying on the beach.

a week of relaxing.

a week of eating a little outside my norm.

a week of drinking….drinking a lot outside my norm. (no need to call Betty Ford mom and dad- my liver is just fine!)

and despite the fact that i worked out in the hotel gym every day and did my best to make the most calorie conscious beverage and food choices, it got me thinking… are the ‘light’ beverage options truly the healthiest for you?

what’s the skinny?

if i’m having 2 or 3 drinks…doesn’t that kind of negate the calorie cutting benefits?

Bethanny Frankel has truly built an empire out of her SkinnyGirl™ brand (of which i’m a big fan of course…) and Crystal Light even has their “mocktail” line they are promoting now…but are they really better for me? i did a quick search and found that the average calorie count for a traditional margarita (not the pre-mixed, sugary frozen concoctions you find in many bars) is actually 46 calories an ounce…compared with Bethanny’s 35.5 calorie an ounce skinny brand…hmm. not that different. clearly, no one really drinks a 1 oz. margarita (unless they’re calling it a shot)…

i guess what it boils down to is that the real way to stay ‘skinny’ when it comes to your alcohol choices would be to not drink at all. seeing that i don’t really consider that to be an option for me (kind readers please see above referenced note to my parents…not trying to give the wrong impression…i just enjoy having an occasional glass of wine…) i need to look at the alternatives. i found these bloggers’ take on the subject to be pretty interesting…thought you might too…happy reading!


2 thoughts on “what’s the skinny?

  1. I love doing my own type of skinny girl margarita- tequila (generally silver), a splash of cointreau, fresh lime juice, and soda water. Generally a lot less calories and the soda helps keep you hydrated.

    Either that or I just drink vodka and soda, vodka and soda is by far one of the lowest calorie drinks you can have.

    • i’ll have to try your version Alexandra- that sounds great!! and i’m a big vodka soda fan too…that’s my old standby 🙂

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