make sleep your bitch

it happens every night…or early in the morning really…

at 2:15…at 3:30…at 4:45…

i wake up. and can’t fall back asleep. my mind starts racing. about everything i have to do that day. about everything that happened the day before. about things that i have zero control over. yet i lay awake. worrying. wondering. wishing i could just fall back asleep. i doze in and out on some level of consciousness where i’m not fully asleep and i’m not fully awake. on a good night, i may get 6 hours of sleep total, though never in one straight shot.

no bueno.

for anyone else who struggles with insomnia or sleep issues- you know what i’m talking about. consistent lack of sleep begins to pervade all aspects of your life…work, exercise, play… here are just a few little stats i stumbled across:

  • 24 hours of sleeplessness makes a person as impaired as having a 0.10% alcohol concentration (that’s legally drunk folks…)
  • a week of 5-hour sleep nights also leaves a person in this ‘sleep drunk’ state (so says a Harvard study…and we know those guys up there know what they’re talking about…)
  • the number of car accidents declines when daylight savings time provides an extra hour of sleep


i’ve realized, i pay attention to exercise. i pay attention to eating well (most of the times…) and keeping my wine consumption at low levels (most of the time…). but i struggle with the sleep thing. with sleep playing an integral role in overall health- clearly, i need to make it my bff…or my bitch…whatever accomplishes the end goal…(better quality zzzzzzzzzzzz’s)

here’s a great little infographic i found that outlines some of the negative effects of poor sleep, what can lead to poor sleep, and some suggestions on how you can sleep better… i think i’m going to study it myself and bone up on how to take a nap 😉


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