memorial day thanks…

memorial day weekend! always seems to mark the official ‘start’ of summer to me…pools open, picnics, bbqs, MD crabs!! of course i’m a bit ashamed to admit that i’m probably among the many Americans who tend to pay more attention to the fact that most of us have a long weekend and a day off work than the true purpose of the holiday. i need to do a better job about that…BUT we do, however, observe memorial day in many different ways…by visiting places like Arlington National Cemetery, the Vietnam, Korean, or World War II memorials; holding family gatherings; attending local parades, etc.

so, with respect for the day meant to honor those men and women who died while serving in the US military, i would just like to express my gratitude…

  • to the individuals who made the ultimate sacrifice to help maintain our freedoms…
  • to their families…
  • to the brave men and women (and their families) who continue to serve and put our country and freedoms first…

i know words don’t seem to be enough…but simply put- thank you…thank you…thank you!!!

this memorial day, in addition to laying by the pool or raising a glass at your bbq…consider honoring the men and women who’ve served in the US military by staying active and celebrating the freedom they fought for. there are many Memorial Day races that benefit local charities or current military and their families.

OR- if running’s not your thing, some great charities and organizations to consider…

happy memorial day all…however you choose to celebrate, i hope it’s an amazing weekend 🙂

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