scenes from a saturday morning run in Baltimore

20120521-143953.jpgso recently i had a brief moment (ok maybe a few moments…) where i was feeling badly about myself…that maybe i don’t have the same body i did when i was 18…or that i have a few more lines on my face when i smile these days…and that maybe my life has turned out a little differently than that 18 year old version of myself might have predicted. the worst part about it was that these feelings were brought on by something someone else said… that i let this person make me feel this way…

so i did the one thing that always helps me to clear my head when i’m feeling a bit down…i laced up my shoes and hit the pavement.

and with each step, i felt the fog begin to lift…

with each step, i felt the weight begin to lighten…

with each step, i remembered how truly lucky i am…for so many reasons really, but on this particular morning, for the sights and sounds of the city that i’m happy to call my home.

people who don’t live in or know Baltimore tend to have an impression that the city is just like it was portrayed in “The Wire”…seedy, drug and crime ridden, the underbelly of the east coast…and truth be told i’m sure there are parts of the city that live up to that reputation (as there are in almost every other major city across the world too…)


but on this particular morning, i took some pictures along the way of the Baltimore that i know…the Baltimore that i love…the Baltimore that i all too often let fade into the background of everyday life…

and by the end of my run, i was reminded once again that it’s ok to have your moments and feel like maybe things aren’t working out the way you would like them to or the way that you think they should be, but there’s also a reason for it. a reason that might need to be discovered still…but it exists.







that’s why i love this sport…cheaper than therapy 😉  i hope you enjoy these snapshots of a run that helped to brighten my saturday morning in Charm City…




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