What’s your goal?

love this!  what goals are you working towards right now?

i have a few running goals in my sights…a few non-running ones too that i won’t get into here…but, over the next 6 months, i want to:

  1. Raise $1000 for The Hope Express to help fight pediatric cancers (click here to help me reach it!)
  2. Finish Ragnar Relay PA with knees, hips, and toenails intact (the toenails thing sounds gross i know, but if you’ve run any PA mountains that should make sense to you…and if you’re a girly-girl like me you understand the importance of pretty toenails…)
  3. Finish Baltimore Half Marathon with at least my knees and hips intact…
  4. Finish Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon (with everything that’s left intact…)
  5. Put my feet up and rest…
  6. and equally as important, have some fun and make some great friends & memories along the way…
check out this awesome post about digital goal setting tools from lululemon contributing blogger Allessia

enjoy your weekend loves ❤


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