motivation monday: apps to help get you up and going

on this dreary monday, after a fantastic weekend, i found myself struggling to get up and out of bed. i was going to go to the gym in the morning, and then the snooze button happened. one too many times. so i needed a little motivation today. clearly. so i packed my gym bag and made sure i went straight there after work (i find if i have to go home first, my chances of working out will significantly decrease- too many distractions, and snuggling with my pup on that bed or sofa can be so enticing after a long and/or stressful day.) besides, if i’m going to be ready for Ragnar this fall, i need to make sure i keep my butt moving…

one thing i have been doing lately that has helped me out is using technology to my advantage. i can be a bit of a tech geek at times and my recent switch from a blackberry to my iphone has only made that worse. there so many great apps and tools out there that can help you track your progress that it can quickly become overwhelming! Just two of my favorites:

  • MyFitnessPal: free calorie counter, diet, and exercise journal. love that it lets you scan the upc codes with your iphone of any purchased food items so you don’t have to plug in all of the details yourself! this would be great if you’re trying to lose weight, but also just good for maintaining and ensuring you’re eating a balanced diet.
  • MapMyRUN: one of many apps developed by MapMyFITNESS, Inc., it allows you to track and store your daily running routes in an online database, includes a searchable database of routes across the globe (great if you travel frequently!), fitness content,  online training tools and fitness calculators, and more. MayMyRUN also tracks your time, pace, etc. which really helps to provide you with a good overall picture of how you’re improving (as we all know, sometimes it can be hard to see the forest for the trees- can’t let that get you down!)
This infographic from also provides some great suggestions for Web sites, mobile apps, and other gadgets for tracking your health and fitness efforts. do you have any sites or apps that you find to be particularly helpful? if so, please share!!

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